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Tutu's Taro  
Spirituality of the Hawaiians

Would you like to know incoming truth messages from your your higher self? 

Get a read with Hawaiian Shaman tools, Mana Oracle Cards, Romance Angels, Tarot Cards, Starseed Cards, Energy, etc. 

Readings by appointment. The consultant will do a personal reading via phone, email or in person.  Tutu's Taro located in Kapa'a, Kaua'i, Hawai'i.

$1/per minute with minimum $10 minutes + Hawaii sales tax 4.712%

For 10 minute reading total cost $10.47. 

A deposit of the cost of 10 minutes + sales tax are collected when booking an appointment.  If client fails to show up, deposit is forfeited.  Client has the privilege to reschedule 24 hours ahead of  scheduled appointment.   

General Readings are uploaded monthly for SUN elements, FIRE, WATER, AIR and EARTH. Click on YouTube Icon link.  If you feel the video doesn't resonate with you, cross watch your Moon, Ascending and Venus (Love) signs. For more accurate truths, set up an appointment.  An in-person appointment is recommended.

Please go to the contact  button and fill in your information and ask a question or set an appointment.  We accept Cash, CHECK and Trade. If you are a visiting psychic from out of State and would like to do a trade? Please contact the consultant.

Disclaimer:  All services are for entertainment purposes.